For the Love of Being Irish

For the Love of Being Irish : Best Irish Gifts
For the Love of Being Irish is a full color A-Z of Ireland that will have you laughing and learning about an Emerald Isle that would fit three times into the state of Wyoming, whose people have suffered through Famine, Rebellion, Discrimination, yet who always come up smiling.

Irish gift ideas. Best selling Irish booksMichael Collins: Image from For the Love of Being IrishJoyce Image in For the Love of Being Irish
JFK, Michael Collins, James Joyce and more in For the Love of Being Irish

For the Love of Being Irish book encompasses all the humor and emotion of Ireland.

When you read it with friends or family, you will think you are overlooking the beautiful Cliffs of Moher while watching the sun go down over Galway Bay as Van Morrison and the Chieftain are playing  Maid of the County Down, all before you retire for a beautiful pint of Guinness and some Bantry Bay oysters in a little pub in darling Dingle.

Geographically of course, this is not really possible, but hey, the Irish are famous for just a dash of blarney! And doesn’t it make you feel good? Just like For the Love of Being Irish which is what you will be thankful for, if you are and envious of, if you are not!

Written by Chicago based Corkman Conor Cunneen, an acclaimed motivational business  speaker, award winning humorist and author of Why Ireland Never Invaded America and SHEIFGAB the World, the book is magnificently illustrated by Mark Anderson.

For the Love of Being Irish is perfect for those times when you are wondering what to get your Aunt Peggy, cogitating on what you should donate to the local Hibernian Society and wondering what you can get your Uncle Patrick who has everything already.
Perfect for Weddings, Wakes, Baptisms, Bar Mitzvahs, Communions, Confirmations and Conventions!

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