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September 16,

Frank O’Connor, Ronnie Drew and Dev: On this day in Irish History

Welcome to Today in Irish History.

This is a website that provides you with interesting insight and information on what happened on this day in Irish history and people of Irish heritage. To be completely honest, I started this site to sell my book For the Love of Being Irish which is an A-Z of all things Irish. This is a book that contains History, Horror, Humor, Passion, Pathos and Lyrical Limericks that will have you giving thanks (or wishing you were) For the Love of Being Irish

This is a book I am hugely proud of, not least because of the fantastic illustrations done by Mark Anderson.

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Author Conor Cunneen is a proud Chicago-based Corkman!

Today in Irish History

1903: Irish author Frank O’Connor is born in the “Real Capital!” – Cork. His memoir An Only Child is a lovely evocative work featuring his native Cork

1934: Ronnie Drew, legendary singer with The Dubliners first saw the light of day. The Dubliners version of Seven Drunken Nights reached #7 in UK charts even though it was banned by the moral guardians of the BBC. Ah, those were simple days.

This illustration of Ronnie Drew and his wonderful sidekick Luke Kelly appears in For the Love of Being Irish under the letter “D” for Dublin.

Ronnie Drew and Luke Kelly - Musical Irish Gifts to the world

1953: Eamonn De Valera and Winston Churchill met for the only time at an apparantly quite cordial llunch at Downing Street. In For The Love of Being Irish I highlight JFK’s humorous comments about the American born De Valera when he spoke in Dail Eireann in 1963.

“If this nation had achieved its present political and economic stature a century or so ago, my great grandfather might never have left New Ross, and I might, if fortunate, be sitting down there with you. Of course if your own President had never left Brooklyn, he might be standing up here instead of me.”

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