De Valera Agrees to Peace Conference. Churchill on Armed Raids from Ireland. Corrupt Minister for Justice Ray Burke. The USS Sullivans.

September 30: TODAY in Irish History:

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Curated by Conor Cunneen IrishmanSpeaks Chicago Motivational Humorous Business Speaker, Author and History buff.


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Eamonn De Valera Responds to Lloyd George Proposal for Conference

“We have received your letter of invitation to a Conference in London on October 11th ‘with a view to ascertaining how the association of Ireland with the community of Nations known as the British Empire may best be reconciled with Irish National aspirations.’

“Our respective positions have been stated and are understood, and we agree that conference, not correspondence, is the most practicable and hopeful way to an understanding. We accept the invitation, and our delegates will meet you in London on the date mentioned ‘to explore every possibility of settlement by personal discussion’.”

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1942: “Armed Raids from Eire”

In the house of Commons, Winston Churchill responded to parliamentary queries about “Armed raids from Eire” into Northern Ireland. During the latter part of 1942, a small but determined group of IRA volunteers continued to attack British forces and property in Northern Ireland. Quite often, the IRA parties would disappear across the border to the Republic of Ireland.

Hansard Report for September 30th:

Major Sir Ronald Ross asked the Prime Minister whether, in view of recent attacks by armed parties from neutral territory and the ease with which enemy agents can at present get information as to British and United States Forces in Northern Ireland, an effective boundary under military control will now be established between the United Kingdom and neutral land frontiers; and whether the censorship and control of travel at present in force between two portions of the United Kingdom will be transferred to traffic and mail between the United Kingdom and neutral territory?


The primary responsibility for dealing with criminal outrages, including those in which the criminals use arms, rests on the civil authorities, who can call for the assistance of the military authorities if need arises. Appropriate arrangements have been made in Northern Ireland for the provision of such assistance if required. I understand the Government of Northern Ireland are satisfied that the situation is well in hand. As regards control of the land boundary careful examination has shown that such a scheme as my hon. and gallant Friend suggests would not be the best method of preventing leakage of information. For this purpose other measures are taken which I am advised are more appropriate and effective. It would not be practicable to adopt the proposal in the last part of the Question to dispense with the existing control over traffic and communications from Great Britain.


Is my right hon. Friend not aware that the responsibility for the defence of the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland, from attack from without is an Imperial responsibility of the Government of the United Kingdom, that these attacks were from without, and that at the present time there is no serious attempt made to prevent information from Northern Ireland, even as to the passage of convoys which are visible from the coast of Antrim, from going down to organised enemy organisations in Eire?


I have never pretended to regard the situation as satisfactory, but the arrangements made go a considerable way to mitigate the danger.

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1943: Ray Burke, Corrupt Mininster For Foreign Affairs

Ray Burke, Fianna Fail TD, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister for Justice is born. Once one of the most powerful and domineering political forces in Ireland, Burke was forced to resign from his role as Foreign Affairs minister amidst claims of bribery and corruption from builders and developers. The government instituted Flood tribunal found that the former minister received corrupt payments from property developers and other business interests in the 1970s and 80s. In 2004, he pleaded guilty to tax evasion and was subsequently sentenced to six months jail.

ray burke and bertie aherne

Paragons of Irish Political Virtue – Ray Burke and Bertie Aherne. Both would find themselves in hot water for “payments” received.

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1943: Navy Destroyer USS The Sullivans is commissioned


USS The Sulllivans

USS The Sulllivans. In service 1943-1965


The US Navy commissions the destroyer The Sullivans. The ship commemorated the tragic five Sullivan brothers who were killed November 13 1942 after their ship USS Juneau  was hit by a Japanese torpedo at the Battle of Guadalcanal. Only 10 of the almost 700 crew survived. The Sullivan brothers were descendants of an Irish immigrant.


The Five Sullivan Brothers


READ: The USS Sullivans

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