Father Mathew. Sinking of R.M.S.Leinster. B-Specials disbanded. Today in Irish History

October 10: TODAY in Irish History:

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Curated by Conor Cunneen IrishmanSpeaks

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1790: Father Theobald Mathew


Father Theobald Mathew


Theobald Mathew, founder of the The Total Abstinence Association is born in County Tipperary. Father Mathew encouraged people to take the following pledge: I promise to abstain from all intoxicating drinks except used medicinally and by order of a medical man and to discountenance the cause and practice of intemperance.

The Catholic Encyclopedia states: “In 1838 came the crisis of his life. Drunkenness had become widespread, and was the curse of all classes in Ireland. Temperance efforts had failed to cope with the evil, and after much anxious thought and prayer, in response to repeated appeals from William Martin, a Quaker, Father Mathew decided to inaugurate a total abstinence movement. On 10 April, 1838, the first meeting of the Cork Total Abstinence Society was held in his own schoolhouse. He presided, delivered a modest address, and took the pledge himself. Then with the historic words, “Here goes in the Name of God”, he entered his signature in a large book lying on the table.”

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1918: Sinking of RMS Leinster

Over five hundred die in the Irish sea following the sinking of the R.M.S. Leinster by U-boat 123. The Leinster was operating as a passenger ship and mail boat, although most, most of those who died were soldiers returning from leave, many of them Irishmen who fought in the British Army in World War I.


Sinking of rms leinster


The excellent website www.rmsLeinster.com provides rich detail on the sinking and some of those who died including “The Reverend John R. Bartley LL. B. (Trinity College, Dublin) of the Presbyterian Church, Tralee, County Kerry was on his way to visit his seriously wounded son when he was lost on the R.M.S. Leinster.  His body was recovered and buried on 15 October 1918 in the Protestant Plot, near the main path, in the New Cemetery, Tralee, County Kerry.

Sergeant William Bartley, 150790, 52nd Battalion (Manitoba Regiment) Canadian Expeditionary Force, died of his wounds in a military hospital in Tooting, south London, on 16 October 1918.  William Bartley was born on 2 February 1893 at Carnone, County Donegal.”


sinking of RMS Leinster

Donegal born William Bartley. Photo courtesy http://www.rmsleinster.com


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1969: Abolition of B Specials

The British government announces the abolition of the Ulster Special Constabulary, know as the ‘B Specials’. The part-time members of the  ‘B Specials’ were generally perceived as a  loyalist gang of thugs by the Catholic / Nationalist minority.

The announcement was received with dismay by militant loyalists including the Rev Ian Paisley who described it as “an absolute sell-out to the republicans and the so-called civil rights movement which is only a smokescreen for the republican movement”.


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1999: Rugby World Cup in Ireland

Ireland beaten by Australia in Rugby World Cup at Lansdowne Road, Dublin: 23-3. Ireland would qualify for the quarter finals of the World defeating the United States and Romania in its other group games. Argentina would narrowly win the quarter-final game 28-24

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