Van Morrison Inducted to Rock n Roll Hall of Fame – Irish Victoria Cross Winner at Today in Irish History

January 23: TODAY in Irish History:

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Van Morrison rock and roll hall of fame

Van the Man

Snippets of Irish History by Conor Cunneen IrishmanSpeaks

Conor is a Chicago based Motivational Humorous Business Speaker, Author and History buff.

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1900: Irish Victoria Cross Winner Abraham Boulger

Death of Kildare born Abraham Boulger who won the Victoria Cross for gallantry in the Indian mutiny 1857. .

Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Boulger VC

Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Boulger VC


Boulger’s VC citation reads: “During the period 12 July to 25 September 1857 in Lucknow, India, Lance-Corporal Boulger distinguished himself in all 12 actions fought by his regiment. He was one of the party which stormed the bridge over the canal on the relief of the Residency and shot a gunner who was in the act of firing a 68-pounder in the face of the British troops. He was also the first man to enter a masked battery. In the subsequent defence of the Residency he was severely wounded.”

At the time of the action, he held the rank of Lance Corporal. After serving for many years as Sergeant-Major he became Quartermaster in 1872. He retired as Lieutenant-Colonel in November, 1887.

Boulger is buried at Ballymore Churchyard,  County Kerry.


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1923:International Reaction to Government Executions

Timothy Smiddy at today in Irish history

Timothy Smiddy was the Free State’s first representative abroad

The Irish government Representative in Washington, Timothy Smiddy wrote to External Affairs minister Desmond Fitzgerald about US concerns re the execution of Anti-Treaty Irregulars, especially the PR fallout if women were to be executed.

“A report given last week to the American papers by Mrs Despard from Paris, (a cutting of which has already been sent to you) stated that, hence forth, women who were found in possession of arms were liable to the death penalty. I enclose another cutting on the same subject.

The women Irregulars here are excited over the announcement and have started activities to incite public opinion against it. Mrs Corliss – a most active Irregular – told Judge Cohalan last Friday over the ‘phone that he would be held as one of those responsible for any execution of women unless he issued at once a statement denouncing such a policy. Naturally, he would do no such thing.

As far as I can gather from conversations with many of our real friends here executions of women – if such be contemplated – would not be good policy from the point of view of sympathy for the Free State in U.S.A.: they would very much deplore it.

In the event of such executions being rendered necessary state as explicitly as possible to the press the real reasons for them. The bare statement ‘in possession of arms’ will give to the Americans a very inadequate impression of the enormity of their deeds.”


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1974: CBS anchor, Norah O’Donnell whose maternal grandparents were as she says “off the boat Irish,” is born in Washington, DC.

CBS Correspondent Norah O'Donnell

Norah O’Donnell

Norah O’Donnell has been included in Irish America Magazine’s top 100 Irish-Americans.


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1993: Van Morrison Inducted to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Belfast Cowboy, Van Morrison is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with such luminaries as Cream, The Doors and Etta James. Inducting him, the Band’s Robbie Robertson said “in the tradition of the great Irish poets and the great soul singers, he is the Caruso of rock and roll.” This “Caruso of rock and roll” and magnificent songwriter is also one of the most curmudgeonly live performers in rock and roll history. The satirical Onion newspaper wrote of him “Morrison deserves a spot in the Rock Hall based on his record-breaking streak of 4,256 consecutive shows performed without cracking a smile,” but as the following video shows, few create better music.


READ: Robbie Robertson Inducts Van Morrison


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