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May 26: TODAY in Irish History:

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Composer Victor Herbert

Snippets of Irish History by Conor Cunneen IrishmanSpeaks 

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1798: The Battle of Tara Hill

The 1798 Rebellion would become THE bloodiest conflict in modern Irish history with atrocities committed on both sides. The Battle of Tara Hill, Co Meath sees another rebel defeat against English forces. Up to  400 United Irishmen are killed. About 30 English troops die.

In Wexford, Fr. John Murphy leads a small group of rebels in a minor victory against The Camolin Cavalry, killing two troops. The Cavalry was a group of mounted yeomen from the village of Camolin, Co. Wexford. The official report of the action read:

“An officer and 20 men ordered to burn the house of Miles Leary near Killena—did not burn it as he promised to deliver up all the Arms in his possession early the next morning—dined at free quarters at the house of Bryan Leacy’s Killena-mill, where the detachment [was joined] by a Corporal and four men, who had been sent towards Courtown to bring in the body of Catherine Murphy, charged with having administered the United oath to several Men.

“On the party’s march to Camolin, they were met by a messenger from Lieut. Bookey, mentioning that the long expected Rebellion had broke out in several parts of the country, and that an entire family of Protestants had been murdered by the Insurgents near Scarawalsh. Party hastened to Camolin (leaving the prisoner in charge with some Loyalists who lodge her safe in Camolin) where they receive an order from Isaac Cornock, Esq., a Magistrate, to repair to Ferns, and there join an Officer’s guard of the North Cork Regiment of Militia. On arrival in Ferns, Lieut. Smith and a party was ordered towards Scarawalsh, where the murders were committed, to see if this information was true, and Lieut. Bookey with another Party rode towards the Harrow, where he met a large party of Insurgents armed with Pikes and some Arms.

“The Lieut. rode before the Party, and ordered the rebels to surrender, and deliver up their Arms, on which they discharged a volley at the Party, accompanied with a shower of stones, some of which brought Lieut. Bookey from his horse, as also John Donovan, a private in the Corps. The party after firing a few shots, finding themselves overpowered by the Rebels, retreated to Ferns, where they remained ‘till day break, melancholy spectators of the devastation committed by the Rebels. The information of the Murders at Scarawalsh found to be true.”

Source. H. F. B. Wheeler & A. M. Broadley, The War in Wexford: an account of the rebellion in the south of Ireland in 1798, told from original documents (London 1910) pp. 83-4.


Free Download: The War in Wexford: an account of the rebellion in the south of Ireland in 1798




1924: Composer Victor Herbert

Death in New York of Dublin born composer Victor Herbert (b. 1859). Herbert was a prolific composer, producing two operas, 43 operettas, music to 10 stage productions and numerous other compositions including many for the Ziegfeld Follies.

He was co-founder of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), serving as vice president for a decade.

Victor Herbert


READ: Victor Herbert at Songwriters Hall of Fame.




1972: Special Criminal Court

The Special Criminal Court is reactivated by the Irish government. Originally established by the 1939 Offences Against the State Act to try IRA members in a juryless court, the troubles of the 1970s forced the government to re-establish the court. Although initially established for anti-terrorist activity, the court now tries cases related to organized crime.




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