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March 7,

Ballyseedy Massacre. Fianna Fail Returns to Power. This Day in Irish History

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1923: The horror of the Irish civil war continues. In Ballyseedy Co. Kerry, eight anti-treaty volunteers and prisoners are killed by a mine explosion. The exact details are murky. Official government sources state they were killed while clearing mines left by anti-treaty forces. Conversely anti-treaty sources claim the men were attached to a mine which was then detonated in retaliation for an explosion the previous day which killed six government forces in Knocknagashel, (30 miles away).It is now widely accepted that the men were executed. At this stage in the vicious civil war, the government had approved execution of anti-treaty forces, though this does not excuse the atrocity at Ballyseedy. For three generations following the Irish civil war, the country was riven by the pain and anguish of the violent conflict. Ballyseedy is just one example of the horrors inflicted by both sides.

1934: The first US Ambassador to Ireland Frederick A. Sterling finishes his mission in Ireland. Sterling first presented his credentials 1927.

1957: Fianna Fáil returns to government winning 78 seats in the sixteenth Dail.Fianna Fáil would win majorities in the elections of 1961, 1965, 1965. Eamonn De Valera would remain as Taoiseach until 1959, when he would hand power over to Sean Lemass.

Taoiseach Eamonn De Valera 1957-1959

Taoiseach Eamonn De Valera 1957-1959

1961: In response to a question at presidential press conference on governments including “Brazil, Ireland and Sweden” calling for nuclear free zones, President John F. Kennedy responded:

“In addition, I am not convinced that this makes–is a total solution. If you have a missile that can carry a bomb 5,000 miles, does it really make that much–a significant difference, if you don’t have a bomb stationed in this area, but you have it 5,000 miles behind which can cover that area.”

Some people would suggest that some things never change! At the press conference, the following exchange took place:

“Mr. President, Congress has been in session for about two months now, and has not accomplished very much. Would you care to comment on how you feel about this present case?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I must say that always in the first part of March, we read about that Congress hasn’t done much, and in fact last year at this time I think not a single bill had been passed of any proportion–at the end of the year almost thirty bills.”

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