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March 22,

Irish Civil War Looms. Irish President of Israel.

March 22: TODAY in Irish History (by IrishmanSpeaks) Twitter Icon

1921: The IRA attacks the homes of 14 B Specials in Co. Fermanagh killing four.

1922: The seeds continue to be sown for an Irish civil war. Rory O’Connor speaking in Dublin states that the Irish army is “in a dilemma, having the choice of supporting its oath to the Republic or still giving allegiance to the Dáil, which, it considers, has abandoned the Republic.  The contention of the army is that the Dáil did a thing that it had no right to do.” O’Connor would fight on the anti-Treaty side and be executed in December.

1983: Belfast born Chaim Herzog is elected by the Knesset to serve as the sixth President of Israel. He served two five year terms in what is mainly a ceremonial role. During World War II he served in the intelligence corps in the British Army, experience that served him well after the founding of the State of Israel where he was head of the IDF Military Intelligence Branch for five years.

In 1975, Herzog  was appointed Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations. During his tenure he spoke on a UN proposal that ‘Zionism is racism,’ giving a speech that regularly features in list of “Great Speeches.” resolution (General Assembly Resolution 3379). In a voice that still contained elements of a brogue (he left Ireland in 1935), Herzog condemned and symbolically tore up a copy of the hateful resolution,  stating: ‘For us, the Jewish people, this resolution based on hatred, falsehood and arrogance is devoid of any moral or legal value.’

Herzog speaking at UN. During his famous speech, he departed from his script as he became more passionate.

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