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February 20,

“Shankill Butchers” Sentenced. James Gandon. Christopher Nolan

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1743: James Gandon, possibly the most influential architect in Irish history is born in London. Gandon was responsible for shaping the face of Dublin. He designed the Custom House, the Four Courts and the King’s Inn, all of which still stand today as testament to his skills.

Four Courts Dublin

1873: James Haughton, Irish social reformer, anti-slavery campaigner and temperance activist dies.

1979: In Belfast eleven members of the “Shankill Butchers” gang are given a total of 42 life sentences for the murder of 19 people. The “Butchers’ were from the Protestant Shankill area of Belfast whose reign of terror was led by Lenny Murphy. The gang was involved in sectarian mayhem during the 1970’s against innocent Catholics. Anyone unfortunate enough to be kidnapped by Murphy and his gang, suffered appalling deaths preceded by gruesome torture and mutilation. Murphy was eventually “executed” by the IRA. There is considerable evidence that the execution was aided by the loyalist community who considered Murphy to be out of control. See The Shankill Butchers: A Case Study of Mass Murder 

2009: Irish author Chrisopher Nolan dies age 44. Despite suffering from cerebral palsy, Nolan authored a number of acclaimed books and won the Whitbread Award for book of the year for his 1987 memoir Under the Eye of the Clock. Nolan had to use a “unicorn-type” device attached to his head to type his work.

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January 19,

Snooker World Champion Dennis Taylor. Christy Nolan Wins Whitbread Book Prize

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1949: World Snooker Champion Dennis Taylor is born in Coalisland, County Tyrone.

Taylor’s sole world championship victory in 1985 over world number one Steve Davis provided probably the most compelling moments in snooker history. In a final comprising of the best of 35 frames, Taylor lost all frames in the opening session to ultimately fall behind 8-0. Played over two days, Taylor fought back  to level at 11-11 only to once again be close to knockout when Davis took a 17-15 lead, thus needing only one frame from the final three. He didn’t get that one frame! Taylor fought back to 17-17 and in a final frame lasting 68 minutes, watched by 18.5 million BBC viewers* in the UK and probably everyone in Ireland, Taylor finally potted the black for a most unlikely victory. It was the first time in the whole game, he led Steve Davis!

* The BBC states: “A record viewing audience of 18.5 million were tuned to BBC2, the largest after midnight figure ever recorded and BBC2’s best ever figure. It was also, at the time, the largest British audience for a sporting event.”

In addition to being a world class snooker player, Taylor is an accomplished raconteur with wonderful comedic skills who now commentates on snooker for the BBC.

1988: Twenty-two year old writer Chrisopher Nolan, wins the Whitbread Book of the Year for Under the Eye of the Clock. Nolan suffered from severe cerebral palsy only able to write with the aid of a word-processing computer and a stick strapped to his forehead while his mother held his head.  His normal means of communication was via eye signals.

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