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May 8,

Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley. 1916 Executions Continue. Jack Charlton

May 8: TODAY in Irish History:


Today in Irish History: Curated by Conor Cunneen IrishmanSpeaks

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1916: Four more 1916 rebels are executed by a British regime, totally insensitive to the fact it was creating numerous martyrs and a calling cry for Irish rebellion that would culminate in independence for twenty-six counties just six years later. Executed on this day:

Éamonn Ceannt: Born Galway 1881. He was a co-founder of the Irish Volunteers, partaking in the successful Howth gun-running operation of 1914. As the commander of the Fourth Battalion of Irish Volunteers during the Rising, he took possession of the South Dublin Union (St. James Hospital).

Eamonn Ceannt

Eamonn Ceannt was a skilled Uilleann piper

Con Colbert: Born Limerick 1888. Prior to the Easter Rising he had been an active member of the republican movement, joining both Fianna Éireann and the Irish Volunteers. A dedicated teetotaler, Colbert was captain of F Company of the Fourth Battalion which occupied the Marrowbone Lane distillery until surrendering on Sunday, 30 April 1916.

Con Colbert

Con Colbert

Michael Mallin:  Born Dublin 1874. Chief of Staff of the Irish Citizen Army he took of St. Stephen’s Green and the Royal College of Surgeons.

Michael Mallin

Michael Mallin

Seán Heuston: Born Limerick 1891. With Con Colbert, Heuston was involved in the education of the schoolboys at Scoil Éanna, organizing drill and musketry exercises. A section of the First Battalion of the Volunteers, under the leadership of Heuston, occupied the Mendicity Institute.

Sean Heuston

Sean Heuston


1935: Jack Charlton born. English international soccer player, Jack Charlton is probably the only English footballer who is more popular in Ireland than his home country!  Following a successful playing career with Leeds United and internationally with England with whom he won the World Cup in 1966, Charlton went into club management. Then, he was appointed manager of the Republic of Ireland soccer team, a team and a nation that had never appeared in a major international tournament. Charlton and a group of gifted players including John Giles, Kevin Moran and Liam Brady represented Ireland in the 1988 European Championship. In a never to be forgotten game, Ireland beat the “ould enemy” England 1-0, courtesy of a goal by (

Charlton’s efforts were recognized when he received the runner-up prize in the World Soccer Manager of the Year awards in 1988.

Jack Charlton

Jack Charlton Ireland Manager

1n 1990, Charlton took the Irish team to the World Cup finals for the first time ever. A delirious nation came to a stop during five heart stopping matches. Playing what might politely be termed “dour” but effective football, Charlton engineered the Irish team to the quarter final of the World Cup, going out to hosts Italy 1-0.

Ireland again qualified for the World Cup in 1994. Charlton received the Freedom of the City of Dublin in 1994.


2007: In a watershed moment in Northern Ireland politics, once bitter enemies Rev. Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness agree to power share as First Minister and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland. Few would have envisaged this moment during most of the Northern Ireland troubles. McGuinness was once head of the IRA, although he has never admitted this; Paisley was a virulent Loyalist and anti-Papist who despised everything about Rome and Irish Nationalism. The former enemies enjoyed a surprisingly cordial relationship as they helped rebuild the Northern Ireland economy.

Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness

Who’d a thunk? Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness


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