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May 1,

Dublin Born Duke of Wellington. Songster and Satirist Percy French on This Day in Irish History

May 1: TODAY in Irish History: The Duke of Wellington


Today in Irish History: Curated by Conor Cunneen IrishmanSpeaks

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1769: Birth of Arthur Wellesley 1st Duke of Wellington in Dublin to to a Protestant Ascendency family. Famous for his victory over Napoleon at Waterloo, he went on to have a distinguished political career. Although on record as making disparaging remarks about his birthland, as Prime Minister he steered through the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829 which allowed Catholics become Members of Parliament.


Dublin born Duke of Wellington 1769-1852


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1854: One of Ireland’s foremost songwriters, poets and satirist Percy French is born in County Roscommon.

Percy French

In both writing and looks, French bore a striking resemblance to Mark Twain. French was one of Ireland’s foremost songwriters and entertainers whose popularity was based on what might today be called “middle of the road” music and some wonderful comic lyrics. He is to Irish music what Mark Twain is to American literature – humorous, insightful and usually leaving you with a smile, maybe the Jimmy Buffet of his time! This YouTube recording of Brendan O’Dowda singing Are You Right There Michael, Are You Right?, like much of his work will surely put you in good humor.

For more of Percy French’s work, See Brendan O’Dowda sing Phil the Fluter’s Ball . Roscommon hosts an annual Percy French Summer School.


1887: Birth of British Army officer General¬†Sir Alan Gordon Cunningham in Dublin. Commissioned in 1906, Cunningham’s long career in the army included fighting in both world wars. During WWII, he fought successful campaigns in East Africa, liberating (then) Ethiopia from Italian forces. Appointed to command the Eight Army in Africa, he was relieved of his command after a relatively short period. Following the war, he became the last High Commissioner of Palestine 91945-1948) prior to the founding of the State of Israel. Cunningham’s elder brother Andrew also had a prominent military career becoming British Admiral of the Fleet during WWII

Dublin born General Sir Alan Cunningham 1887-1983

Dublin born General Sir Alan Cunningham 1887-1983


1969: Terence O’Neill, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland resigns.

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