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November 25,

Death of George Best – JFK Funeral – Irish Treaty Negotiations at Today in Irish History

November 25: TODAY in Irish History:

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Snippets of Irish History by Conor Cunneen IrishmanSpeaks

Conor is a Chicago based Motivational Humorous Business Speaker, Author and History buff.

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1921: Treaty Negotiations

Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith return from London Treaty negotiations to Dail Cabinet where a proposal is passed that becomes the catalyst for the Irish Civil War. “That Ireland shall recognise the British Crown for the purposes of the Association as symbol and accepted head of the combination of Associated States”.


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1963: JFK is buried

JFK Funeral Procession

JFK Funeral Procession

First Row, L-R: Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy; Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

Second Row, L-R: R. Sargent Shriver, Stephen E. Smith, Secret Service Agent.

Following: Foreign dignitaries, including General Charles de Gaulle, Queen Frederika, Ludwig Erhard, King Baudoin.


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2005: Death of George Best.

George Best

George Best 1946-2005

The “Belfast Boy” was undoubtedly the finest footballer Ireland has ever produced and probably one of the top ten players ever. In a career and life shortened by the scourge of alcoholism, he was a genuinely loved individual who entranced soccer fans, provided the media with acres of copy over his drinking, love affairs and sometimes irresponsible behavior. He was a lovely man whose only enemy was the alcohol that eventually killed him.

Best was discovered by Manchester United scout Bob Bishop (who also discovered Norman Whiteside). Bishop sent a telegram to United manager Matt Busby stating “I think I’ve discovered a genius.”

The slight, shy Belfast lad made his debut against West Brom in 1963 at the age of 17. Best won two League championship medals and the European Cup (1968) with a Manchester United team that variously included other Irish players including Tony  Dunne, Shay Brennan and goalkeeper Pat Dunne.


Man United 1968 European Cup Winners

Man United 1968 European Cup Winners.                                                                                                  econd row: Irish players Tony Dunne 3rd from left. Shay Brennan 4th from left. George Best 6th from left.


Unfortunately, Best’s hedonistic life style and poor lifestyle management saw a wonderful footballing genius lose motivation for football.

Best had numerous falling outs with Manchester United before being finally released in January 1974. He played for 11 different clubs in following years including Cork Celtic!

His lifestyle prompted many wonderful stories as when he recalled staying in a five star London hotel, the morning after the night before, lying in bed draped by casino winnings, champagne bottles and a Miss World (literally), the room service staffmember asked “Where did it all go wrong, Mr. Best?” Funny – Yes. Sad – Most definitely.

The footballing genius who didn’t know how to handle fame and was consumed by alcoholism broke many hearts during his lifetime and even spent short period in jail for alcohol related misdemeanors.

His funeral in Belfast drew an estimated 100,000 people


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February 23,

35 Die in Orphanage Fire. Johnny Carey. Shorthand Inventor John Gregg

February 23: TODAY in Irish History (by IrishmanSpeaks) Twitter Icon

1919: Irish soccer legend, Johnny Carey (d. 1995) is born in Dublin.
Carey was discovered by the legendary Manchester United Irish scout whose most famous discovery was George Best. Johnny Carey played most of his career with Manchester United where he captained Matt Busby’s first great team to victory in the 1948 F.A. Cup and the 1952 First Division Championship. Carey played for Ireland more than thirty times.

Johnny Carey 1948 FA Cup Winning Captain

Carey went to to manage Everton, Nottingham Forest and Blackburn with a limited level of success.

1943: 35 children and one adult die in Cavan orphanage fire at St. Joseph’s Orphanage & Industrial School run by the enclosed order of Poor Clare nuns. Many of the children were orphans, others were committed either because they were born out of wedlock or as in the case of two unfortunates allegedly committed because the local Roman Catholic priest did not want the children to be looked after by a Protestant neighbor following the death of their mother.

A government enquiry placed most of the blame for the deaths on an inadequate fire service although Irish satirist and coincidentally secretary to the tribunal Bryan O’Nolan wrote under his nom de plume Flann O’Brien:

“In Cavan there was a great fire,
Judge McCarthy was sent to inquire,
It would be a shame, if the nuns were to blame,
So it had to be caused by a wire.”

1948: County Monaghan born John Gregg, inventor of Gregg Shorthand dies in New York at the age of eighty.

Shorthand Inventor John Gregg 1867-1948

Learn more about Ireland? See these images and more in the acclaimed For the Love of Being Irish

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