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January 22,

Queen Victoria Visits Ireland. Ireland Signs on For European Union.

January 22: TODAY IN IRISH HISTORY (published by For the Love of Being Irish)

1868: Death of Waterford born Shakespearean actor Charles Kean


1901: Queen Victoria dies after a reign which lasted almost 64 years, the longest in British history. Victoria visited Ireland in 1900 to a huge response as this British Pathe clip indicates.  She traveled to Ireland on three other occasions including a visit to famine devastated Ireland for eleven days in 1849 to positive response also.

Queen Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland

Queen Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland

The horror of the famine was presumably well hidden from a then thirty year old Victoria. She wrote to her uncle Leopold, King of the Belgians during her trip “I ….. tell you that everything has gone off beautifully since we arrived in Ireland, and that our entrance into Dublin was really a magnificent thing. By my letter to Louise you will have heard of our arrival in the Cove of Cork. Our visit to Cork was very successful; the Mayor was knighted on deck (on board the Fairy), like in times of old.Cork is about seventeen miles up the River Lee, which is beautifully wooded and reminds us of Devonshirescenery. We had previously stepped on shore at Cove, a small place, to enable them to call it Queen’s Town; the enthusiasm is immense…”

1972: Jack Lynch, Taoiseach signs the Treaty of Accession ensuring that Ireland would join what was then the European Economic Community, January 1 1973.

Jack lynch signs EEC Treaty

Jack lynch signs EEC Treaty watched by Foreign Affairs Minister Patrick Hillery

2011: Brian Cowen resigns as leader of the Fianna Fail party, but maintains his role as Taoiseach. Cowen becomes the highest profile casualty of the declining Irish economy.

Brian Cowan

Brian Cowan

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