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May 4,

Irish at Chancellorsville. 1916 Executions Continue. Poet Thomas Kinsella. Driver John Watson

May 4: TODAY in Irish History:


Today in Irish History: Curated by Conor Cunneen IrishmanSpeaks

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1863: Antrim born St. Clair A Mulhollandreports on the activities of the Irish Brigade at Chancellorsville. He notes a number of very Irish names in his report on removal of abandoned artillery from the battlefield.

“The following men of the Sixty-third New York Volunteers assisted in removing the guns: Sergt. James Dwyer, John Murray, John Coghlin, and Corpl. John Harvey. The following men of the Sixty-ninth also assisted: Sergt. Thomas Neelan, Privates William Lennon, Martin Morgan, James Quagly, and James Sheehan.”

St. Clair A Mulholland

St. Clair A Mulholland

For further reports on the Irish at Chancellorsville.


Execution of 1916 Leaders Continues: Plunkett, Pearse, Daly, O’Hanrahan

Joseph Mary Plunkett. Plunkett was born into a privileged background. His father was a papal count.

Joseph Mary Plunkett 1916 Leader

He joined the Irish Volunteers in 1913 and the I. R. B. in 1914. Plunkett was Director of Military Operations for the Rising, with overall responsibility for military strategy. Hours before his execution by British authorities, Plunkett married his sweetheart Grace Gifford in Kilmainham Gaol.

William “Willie” Pearse

The younger brother of Patrick was born in Dublin in 1881. He assisted Patrick in running St. Enda’s. The two brothers were extremely close, and fought alongside each other in the G. P. O. William was executed on 4 May 1916. Pearse railway station on Westland Row in Dublin was re-named in honour of the two brothers in 1966.

Willie Pearse 1916

William "Willie" Pearse

Edward Daly: Born in Limerick in 1891, Daly’s uncle John Daly had taken part in the rebellion of 1867. During the Rising Daly commanded the First Battalion fighting at  Bridewell, Linenhall Barracks and the Four Courts. Daly’s sister was married to Tom Clarke executed the previous day.

Edward Daly 1891-1916

Michael O’Hanrahan: Born in Wexford in 1877. O’Hanrahan had strong interest in the Irish language founding the Carlow branch of the Gaelic League. He author of two novels, A Swordsman of the Brigade and When the Norman Came. He was second in command to Thomas MacDonagh at Jacob’s biscuit factory during the Rising.

Michael O'Hanrahan 1877-1916

Michael O'Hanrahan 1877-1916


1928: Poet Thomas Kinsella is born in Dublin. Kinsella is also famous for translating numerous early Irish works into English. In 2007, he received the Freedom of Dublin.

1946: Formula One race car driver and World Sportscar Championship winner John Watson is born in Belfast. Watson won five Grand Prix including the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1981.

formula one driver john watson

John Watson

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