Happy Birthday to the Boss – Bruce Springsteen. Richard Nixon’s Checkers Speech

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This is a book I am hugely proud of, not least because of the fantastic illustrations done by Mark Anderson.

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Author Conor Cunneen is a proud Chicago-based Corkman!

Today in Irish History

1949: Bruce Springsteen born and aren’t we all blessed? Can you believe he is 62? The Boss’s great great grandmother hails from Mullingar, Co. Offaly. This and other information about a man who really knows how to get a place rockin’ (more proof he is Irish) is available via author Moira Sharkey whose book Land of Hope and Dreams chronicles the great man’s Irish concerts, the first of which took place in Slane in 1985 and I was one of the lucky 60,000 +  to see a master in action. He was brilliant, energetic and could play the audience like a master violinist. Today, happy birthday to a man who is brilliant, energetic and can play the audience like a master violinist.

Springsteen’s Irish influence is brilliantly evoked in one of his more recent compositions – American Land which will get those feet tapping, heart racing and giving thanks For the Love of Being Irish (Totally blatant ploy about my new book!) This is from a Dublin concert with the Seegers Sessions Band. Buy the CD or DVD. You won’t regret it.

1952: Republican vice-presidential candidate Richard M. Nixon delivered his famous “Checkers” speech denying allegations of improper campaign financing. Nixon had Irish connections on both sides. Thomas Milhouse of Timahoe emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1729 was an ancestor of Hannah Milhouse – Nixon’s mother. This is part of Nixon’s brilliantly effective cloying speech that saved his career and allowed him to say years later “I am not a crook.” !!


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