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February 2,

Burning of British Embassy in Dublin. Birth of James Joyce on this day in Irish History

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1882: James Joyce is born in Dublin.

Joyce Image in For the Love of Being Irish

Image from For the Love of Being Irish where author Conor Cunneen writes:

“Two of Joyce’s books regularly feature in Best Novels of the 20th century. Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and ‘everyone’s ’favorite – Ulysses. Here’s the truth. If you have read Ulysses you are either studying or teaching English literature or you are extraordinarily patient as you grapple with his stream of consciousness form of writing. The trick is to listen to a reading of the book by professional actors – preferably Irish. Then, you can appreciate the pacing, fun, warmth, the wonderful witty dialogue and (ahem) pretty filthy mind of the Jesuit educated writer.
One of the joys of visiting Dublin is to take a guided tour through many of the locations cited by Joyce who was born in Ireland’s capital in 1882, lived much of his life in Italy and died in Zurich, where he is buried, in 1941.”

1972: On the day that 11 Bloody Sunday victims are buried, the British embassy in Dublin is burned to the ground by furious demonstrators protesting over the killing of 13 people in Derry on  that fateful day.   Emotions were running extremely high on both sides of the border following the killings, not helped by the British government’s vacuous reaction in the House of Commons, the day after the killings.

The Republic of Ireland was a cauldron of anti-English rhetoric and emotion. Editor of Today in Irish History Conor Cunneen remembers: “The day after the killings, the Christian Brother superior of our high school came into class and announced all schools would be closed the following to commemorate ‘the murder of 13 Irish people’ by English soldiers.”

1996: Hoofer Gene Kelly dies in his sleep. The fleet footed dancer and star of Singin’ in the Rain, An American in Paris and other popular movies was the grandson of Irish immigrants.

Gene Kelly: Singin’ in the Rain


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