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IRA Bomb Kills 7. Golfer Joe Carr. NI Framework Document

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1900: Irish short story writer Seán Ó Faoláin is born in Cork. In the 1950’s, he served as director of the Arts Council of Ireland. He made a major contribution to the development of Irish literature when he founded the literary periodical The Bell.

1921: The bodies of three British soldiers killed by the IRA are found near Woodford, Co. Galway. There has long been discussion whether the three were deserters or spies.

1922: Birth of Joe Carr, one of Ireland’s finest golfers and probably greatest ever amateur player is born in Dublin. Carr won the British Amateur Championship three times and was elected Captain of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, St. Andrews in 1991. He was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2007.

Golf Legend Joe Carr

1941: Australian Prime Minister Menzies on the Irish Question

Fascinating diary entry by Australian PM on discussions he had with Churchill re De  Valera and Irish neutrality.

” (Churchill) Enjoys hatred, and got a good deal of simple pleasure out of saying what he thought of de Valera, who is (inter alia) a murderer and perjurer. [N.B. There is a growing passion on this subject here, and we may as well get ready for squalls. After all, why should the British people, (and the Australian) be prejudiced and perhaps defeated by this fantastic Southern Irish neutrality?]

I endeavoured vainly to get his [Winston Churchill’s] mind on the question of the ultimate solution of Ireland. War? Federal Union? Should the Dominions offer to intervene?”



1972:  Seven people – six civilian staff and an army chaplain – are killed by an IRA car bomb which explodes outside the officers’ mess at the headquarters of 16th Parachute Brigade in Aldershot, England. The official IRA claimed the bomb was in retaliation for the events of Bloody Sunday when British paratroopers killed thirteen protesters in Derry. Only one person was ever convicted for the atrocity, IRA activist Noel Jenkinson who would die from heart failure in Leicester Prison in 1976.

Aftermath of Aldershot Bombing which killed seven

1995: Taoiseach John Bruton and British PM John Major unveil a “Framework Document” for a path to peace in Northern Ireland.

The main points of the document — unveiled in Belfast after months of secret negotiations — include recognition of the right of Ulster people to choose their destiny, the establishment of a cross-border body with limited and agreed executive, consultative and harmonizing powers, and guarantees by the British and Irish governments to protect civil, political, social and cultural rights.

Taoiseach John Bruton

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