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September 14: TODAY in Irish History: _______________________________________________________________________

Today in Irish History: Curated by Conor Cunneen IrishmanSpeaks Chicago Motivational Humorous Business Speaker, Author and History buff. __________________________________________________________________________

September 14: TODAY in Irish History:


Death of Dublin born Duke of Wellington

1852: The Duke of Wellington meets his Waterloo peacefully at the age of 83. He was born in Dublin in what is now The Merrion Hotel.



Dublin born Duke of Wellington 1769-1852


Famous for his victory over Napoleon at Waterloo, where it is estimated at least 25% of his troops were Irish, he went on to have a distinguished political career.

In 1828, he became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the first Irish born person to do so. Although on record as making disparaging remarks about his birthland, as Prime Minister he steered through the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829 under pressure from Daniel O’Connell which allowed Catholics (with restrictions) become Members of Parliament.


Irish artist Daniele Maclise’s portrayal of the Duke of Wellington meeting with German ally Blucher after Waterloo


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1901: Eight days after being shot by anarchist Leon Czolgozc, President William McKinkley dies of his wounds. McKinley was of Scotch-Irish descent. His great-great-grandfather James McKinley had emigrated from Conagher, Ballymoney around 1743.


Artist representation of McKinleyAssassination

Artist representation of McKinley Assassination



1921: The Dail votes to appoint plenipotentiaries to negotiate with Britain re Irish independence. In what would turn out to be a momentous decision, De Valera opted NOT to be one of the negotiators stating that the Irish parliament  “recognised themselves but no one else did. He really believed it was vital at this stage that the symbol of the Republic should be kept untouched and that it should not be compromised in any sense by any arrangements which it might be necessary for our plenipotentiaries to make. He was sure the Dáil realised the task they were giving to them—to win for them what a mighty army and navy might not be able to win for them. It was not a shirking of duty, but he realised the position and how necessary it was to keep the Head of the State and the symbol untouched and that was why he asked to be left out.”

Afte meeting in private session, Dáil Éireann met in private session in the Mansion House, the following Plenipotentiaries were unanimously ratified:

Mr. Arthur Griffith, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Chairman.

Mr. Michael Collins, Minister of Finance.

Commandant R.C. Barton, Minister of Economic Affairs.

Mr. E.J. Duggan, representative of Meath and Louth.

Mr. George Gavan Duffy, Irish Envoy at Rome, representative of Dublin County.



Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith

Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith




1982: Death of the icon of every Irish mother: actress and real life Princess, Grace Kelly. Kelly was killed following a car crash which may have been precipitated by a stroke. Grace Kelly’s grandfather, John Kelly, was born in 1857 in Co. Mayo. Thirty years later, he emigrated to Philadelphia, where he founded a successful construction company. Kelly was proud of her Irish roots. When she visited in 1961, the country went crazy.

Kelly’s film credits include:

Dial M for Murder

Rear Window

High Noon

High Society



In 1956, to the delight of the social press, Kelly married Prince Ranier of Monaco in a “fairytale” wedding. They had three children.



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