Michael Flatley, Dancer Extraordinaire – Muhammad Ali – IRA Issues Apology at Today in Irish History

July 16: TODAY in Irish History:

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Michael Flatley Riverdance

Image of Michael Flatley in                          For the Love of Being Irish

Snippets of Irish History by Conor Cunneen IrishmanSpeaks 

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1924: A Day in Dail Eireann

Questions in Dail Eireann were dominated by mundane enquiries which the Minister for Defence was compelled to answer.

Mr. PATRICK W. SHAW asked the Minister for Defence if he will expedite payment of £107 2s., amount of back rank pay due to Captain Thomas Reeves, Athlone Command, and if he is aware that the amount claimed is £1 9s. 9d. per week for seventy-two weeks.

Mr. DUGGAN: Captain Reeves’ claim is under consideration and will be disposed of as soon as possible. I am aware that his claim is for the amount stated.

Major JAMES S. MYLES asked the Minister for Defence whether an account of £27 1s. 8d. was due to Mr. Francis Graham, of Ballyshannon, for goods sold by him from March, 1922, to February, 1923; whether various sums were deducted from this account, for empties which were not returned, for overcharges which it is held did not exist, and for 10 per cent. discount, which could not be afforded on a long-outstanding account, and whether he will take steps to see that Mr. Graham will be paid the balance of £9 1s. 4d., which is still due to him.

Mr. DUGGAN: An account for £27 1s. 8d. was furnished by Mr. Graham and was discharged by payments amounting to £20 10s. 1d. on the 18th April, 1923. No representations regarding deductions have been received except in the form of the Deputy’s question. The settlement of the account is being reviewed, and the result will be communicated to the Deputy in due course.

Major JAMES S. MYLES asked the Minister for Defence if he will state the number of National Troops stationed in the County Council Offices at [1380] Lifford, and how much longer it is proposed to occupy these Offices; whether he is aware that great inconvenience has been, and is being, caused to the staff of the County Council of Tirconaill by the continued occupation of these buildings, and whether it is intended to carry out, at an early date, the promise made in December, 1924 to treat this matter as urgent.

Mr. DUGGAN: The County Council offices at Lifford are occupied by one officer and 22 men. It is hoped that the premises will be evacuated at the end of the present month.

Source: Dail Debates




1958: Michael Flatley is born in Chicago and the world was blessed with one of the finest stage performers ever. Flatley’s parents, Michael and Eilish, emigrated from Ireland in 1947 and settled in Chicago. where they established a successful construction business. Flatley’s mother and his maternal grandmother, Hannah Ryan, were both champion Irish dancers.

Below is IMAGE of Michael Flatley (by Mark Anderson)  in For the Love of Being Irish

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1972: Muhammad Ali Promotes Ireland

The Irish Tourist Board pulls off a major coup getting Muhammad Ali to promote Ireland. Ali fought Al “Blue” Lewis Jully 19 in Dublin as he rebuilt his career. Ali does have Irish heritage.


Muhammad Ali: My Great Grand-Daddy was Irish




2002: The IRA issues (what for them) is an unusual apology:

“Sunday 21 July marks the 30th anniversary of an IRA operation in Belfast in 1972* which resulted in nine people being killed and many more injured.  While it was not our intention to injure or kill non-combatants, the reality is that on this and on a number of other occasions, that was the consequence of our actions.  It is therefore appropriate on the anniversary of this tragic event, that we address all of the deaths and injuries of non-combatants caused by us.  We offer our sincere apologies and condolences to their families.  There have been fatalities amongst combatants on all sides. We also acknowledge the grief and pain of their relatives.  The future will not be found in denying collective failures and mistakes or closing minds and hearts to the plight of those who have been hurt. That includes all of the victims of the conflict, combatants and non-combatants.  It will not be achieved by creating a hierarchy of victims in which some are deemed more or less worthy than others.  The process of conflict resolution requires the equal acknowledgement of the grief and loss of others. On this anniversary, we are endeavouring to fulfil this responsibility to those we have hurt.  The IRA is committed unequivocally to the search for freedom, justice and peace in Ireland.  We remain totally committed to the peace process and to dealing with the challenges and difficulties which this presents. This includes the acceptance of past mistakes and of the hurt and pain we have caused to others.”

P O’Neill, Irish Republican Publicity Bureau, Dublin.

* The “operation” referred to is what became known as Bloody Friday. The IRA set off more than Twenty car bombs in the space of eighty minutes, killing nine people (including two British soldiers) and injuring 130.





WATCH: A Short History of Ireland

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