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January 20,

Kevin Barry. Anti-Treaty Prisoners Executed. JFK Inauguration. Today in Irish History

January 20: TODAY IN IRISH HISTORY (published by For the Love of Being Irish)

1902: Kevin Barry is born in Dublin. He would become the first Irish rebel to be executed by British authorities in the 1919-1921 War of Independence.

Kevin Barry in rugby jersey

Kevin Barry in rugby jersey

1921: The IRA ambush an RIC patrol near Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare killing six policemen, suffering zero casualties and capturing significant amount of guns and ammunition. Over thirty houses were burned by the RIC in the general area that evening in reprisal for the attack. In County Cork, the IRA executes two “informers.”

1923: 11 Anti-Treaty prisoners are executed. In what was now becoming a brutal civil war between pro and anti-Treaty parties, the pro-treaty government had instituted in October 1921 an aggresive policy of execution of Republican prisoners or “Irregulars.” Here, you can read the final letter from Patrick Hennessy on the eve of his execution. The Government’s view was that anti-Treaty irregulars were rebels fighting against a legitimate Irish authority, elected by the people. 77 official executions occured, 34 in January. Most of the people shot would have fought on the same side as their executioners in the War of Independence against Britain.

The brutal reaction of the Irish government did bring a swift response with anti-treaty forces laying down their arms in April, but the bitterness of the civil war permeated Irish politics and society for much of the twentieth century.

1961: JFK is inaugurated as 35th President of the United States.

JFK in For the Love of Being Irish

JFK in For the Love of Being Irish

1981: Ronald Reagan is sworn in as 40th President of the United States.

Ronald Reagan in For the Love of Being Irish

Ronald Reagan in For the Love of Being Irish

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