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July 21,

Irish Brigade at Bull Run. Lloyd George on Ireland. Bloody Friday 1972 on this day in Irish History.

July 21: TODAY in Irish History:


Today in Irish History: Curated by Conor Cunneen IrishmanSpeaks

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July 21: TODAY in Irish History:

1858: Stage actor, songwriter and singer Chancellor “Chauncey” Olcott is born in Buffalo, New York to parents of Irish extraction. In collaboration with Ernest Ball, he  would write lyrics for numerous “Irish” songs include My Wild Irish Rose and When Irish Eyes are Smiling. He is a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame.


1861: The Irish Brigade fights at the First Battle of Bull Run under Generall Michael Corcoran from County Sligo. Corcoran was wounded and captured by the Confederate forces, but released some time later.

Brigadier Michael Corcoran 69th_New_York_Militia

Sligo Born Brigadier Michael Corcoran on left with 69th_New_York_Militia



1919: Fascinating debate in House of Commons on Ireland. Lloyd George outlines the issues as he sees them. (Source: Hansard)

“My hon. Friend appealed to the Government to apply the principles of President Wilson to the case of Ireland, and he asked me a question, whether I was prepared to do so? I will answer that question if he will answer me another, and I am not asking him that question, let him believe me, merely to get out of answering his question, but because it will help me to answer it. Will he apply those principles to the whole of Ireland? Because as he himself realises—no one knows better—that is the supreme obstacle in the way of settlement lie talked about forcing authority upon a free people by arms. In principle it is the same thing whether you force 1,500,000 of people or 3,000,000 of people. It is the same principle, and he must know that that is the difficulty.

The real difficulty is that you cannot, if he will allow me to say so, get his countrymen to face the facts. They are not satisfied with getting self-determination for themselves without depriving others of the right of self-determination. I tried to apply the principles of President Wilson to Ireland. [An HON. MEMBER: “Ah.”] Oh, I did. I tried the principle of self-determination. It was suggested to me that a Convention of Irishmen should be summoned. I thought it was a very good idea. I said, “We have all failed. Every party has failed. Every Government has failed. We have tried one expedient after another, and for some reason or other they have always come to nought.” I said, “Clearly we do not understand them. Let them settle it themselves.”

So a Convention was summoned upon lines suggested before it was summoned. 1 consulted the Nationalist Leader as to who should be summoned. He was perfectly satisfied with the composition of the Convention. Here was an opportunity for Ireland to determine its own fate. What happened? Two parties 1052 refused absolutely to come near the place. One of them, the party represented by the late Member for Cork, had a very considerable following in Ireland. The other party was that one which not merely claimed a majority, but at the last election demonstrated it by an overwhelming majority. They would not come near the place. What happened to the rest? The Nationalists—this is my recollection—were divided into three different sections. The Unionists were divided into three or four. That was my attempt to apply the principles of President Wilson to Ireland.


1972: Fourteen year old Glynn Stephen Parker is the youngest of nine people to die as nineteen IRA bombs rip through Belfast in an indiscriminate act of carnage that has become known as Bloody Friday.

Glynn Parker Bloody Friday

Fourteen year old Glynn Parker

Speaking to the House of Commons, William Whitelaw, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland reported ” Seven civilians and two soldiers were killed and at least 130 civilians injured-many gravely. I hardly need point out that all sections of the community are indiscriminately affected by these outrages. Of the dead two were Roman Catholics. Of the 130 injured at least 40 were Roman Catholics. 53 were men and boys, 77 women and children.”



A Mirror Group newspaper stated “Complete carnage. A fireman with a shovel, shoveling up what was left of a woman shopper.”

The Provisional IRA claimed that the Samaritans, the Public Protection Agency and the press “were informed of bomb positions at least 30 minutes to one hour before each explosion”. While some warnings were received, with more than twenty bombs planted, many people simply ran from one explosion into another one.

In 2002, the IRA issued a statement apologizing for the bombing, something that was received with extraordinary equanimity by Colin Parry, whose son was killed by the IRA, said: “In truth it offers no comfort. My hurt is absolute and my loss is absolute and no word from the IRA can mitigate for the loss of my son. “That said, I am as active in the peace process as a private individual can be, and from that perspective I appreciate what they are doing.”



** ** **


1976: Christopher Ewart-Biggs Assassination

British ambassador to Ireland  Christopher Ewart-Biggs is assassinated by the IRA


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