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October 11,

Today in Irish History: Anglo Irish Treaty Negotiations Begin

Today in Irish History.

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1921: Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations begin in London. The Irish delegation consisted of Michael Collins, Arthur Griffith (Chairman of the delegation), Robert Barton (Minister for Economic Affairs), George Gavan Duffy and Eamonn Duggan, The delegates were styled ‘Envoys Plenipotentiary’ and given power to “‘negotiate and conclude … a treaty or treaties of settlement, association and accommodation between Ireland and the community of nations known as the British Commonwealth.”

1961: At a presidential news conference, JFK address problems that never seem to go away!

Q. Mr. President, could you give us your assessment of the vigor of the economic recovery, particularly in the light of statements by organized labor that we may have five and a half million unemployed by next February?

THE PRESIDENT. Well, we’ve had a 10-percent increase in the second quarter and a 5-percent increase in the third quarter, and we are going to continue to have a substantial increase in the next quarter.

I think we’re producing more cars this quarter probably than any year since 1950 and we’ve had less increase in the cost of living in a recovery than we’ve had in 10 or 12 years. So that the private sector is moving ahead.

The problem of unemployment continues because of technological changes and increases in the population and we do not have–unemployment is now at about 4 million. We do not–I am still as concerned as they are that we could have a great boom and still have the kind of unemployment they describe.

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