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Annie Moore and Ellis Island. Douglas Hyde. “Sean South of Garryowen.”

January 1: TODAY IN IRISH HISTORY (published by IrishmanSpeaks)

1892: Fourteen year old Annie Moore together with her younger brothers Anthony and Phillip are the first official immigrants to be processed through Ellis Island.  Annie was one of 148 steerage passengers who departed from Queenstown (now Cobh County Cork, ) on December 20, 1891 aboard the S.S. Nevada arriving in New York on Thursday evening, December 31. They were processed through Ellis Island the following morning. The three young ‘uns were reunited with their parents who were already living in New York.

Annie Moore Ellis Island

Image thought to be that of Annie Moore and siblings at Ellis Island

1926: 2RN, the forerunner of RTE, the Irish national broadcasting service commences broadcasting from a studio at 36 Little Denmark Street. According the RTE website, the station call-sign was apparently originated by the British Post Office, the authority responsible at that time, and the name 2RN was thought to be inspired by the last three syllables of the song title “Come Back To Erin”.

Douglas Hyde First President of Ireland

Douglas Hyde First President of Ireland

Douglas Hyde, founder of the Gaelic League and who would become the first President of Ireland (1938-1945) officially opened 2RN.

1957: Death of Sean South, IRA volunteer following a raid on  RUC barracks in Brookeborough, County Fermanagh on New Years Day. South became a cult here primarily thanks to a hagiographic portrayal of him by the Wolfe Tones in the song Sean South of Garryowen. Sean South was a reactionary, conservative Catholic, and member of the ultra right wing anti-Semitic catholic group Maria Duce.

The IRA ran a “Border Campaign” against “British occupation” of Northern Ireland between 1956-1962. It is not generally appreciated that the IRA hoped to overthrow both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland governments.

1973: Ireland formally joins the European Economic Community, a move that would revolutionize the Irish economy and Irish society, result in the introduction of the Euro as the official currency, the growth of the Celtic Tiger and ultimately a savage recession that would see Irish unemployment rates jump from 4% to 14% in a four year period.

1973-Irish-Press-1st-January Ireland in the EU

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