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Nellie Cashman: Angel of Klondike. Death of Phil Lynott

January 4: TODAY IN IRISH HISTORY (published by IrishmanSpeaks)

1925: Midleton, Co. Cork born Nellie Cashman known variously as the “Angel of the Yukon” and “Angel of the mining camp” dies in Victoria British Columbia aged seventy-nine. Only five foot tall, Cashman’s support (monetary, spiritual, food) for Alaskan miners during the madness of Yukon Gold Rush years and others resulted in her induction into the Alaska Mining Hall of Fame.

Nellie Cashman

Nellie Cashman. The miners' angel

Cashman is also fondly remembered in Arizona where she is known as The Angel of Tombstone. This lady got around! Tombstone celebrates Nellie Cashman day every August. If you’re hungry when in Tombstone, you can dine at the Nellie Cashman Restaurant. The United States Postal Service memorialized this little known Co. Cork heroine her with a 29 cent stamp in 1994.

Nellie Cashman stamp

1976: In what was up to then, one of the worst sectarian atrocities in Northern Ireland, six Catholic civilians from two families are shot dead in separate incidents by the Ulster Volunteer Force. There is strong evidence that members of the RUC were involved in the shootings which would wreak a terrible revenge the following day.

1986: Irish rock star, bassist, singer and founder of Thin Lizzy, Phil Lynott dies. Lynott originally played with Skid Row, (the Irish band featuring Gary Moore, Brush Shiels, Noel Bridgeman).  Lynott had significant success with Thin Lizzy. The band’s first major hit was a rock version of Whiskey in the Jar, but are probably best known for The Boys are Back in Town. U2 frontman Bono says of Lynott “If lyrical and musical ability has to be matched with showmanship, attitude, style, if that’s your version of rock ’n’ roll, there’s no way past Phil Lynott. He’s at the top of the tree.” Lynott and Lizzy were also a major influence on Metallica who often play a version of Whiskey in the Jar at concerts.

Phil lynott statue Dublin

Life size statue of Phil Lynott, Dublin

Lynott lived the archetypical rock star life style consumed with drugs and alcohol which eventually took his life at the young age of 36. Metallica’s James Hetfeld was also a fan of Lynott’s often autobiographical songwriting “The struggles that he wrote about, with drugs, drink, ethnicity, all of those things, they almost speak louder now.”

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